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Flynn's Flying Doctors.
"Flynn's Flying Doctors"
- by GD Bruny.
An interactive multi-media digital book.
[Pictorial, textual, audible
and film-segments included]

48-pages in sepia and full colour.

In 1928, John Flynn ["Flynn of the Inland"] turned a dream into reality. Fragile aircraft flew long distances, to remote destinations, in order to provide urgent medical care; often, in extreme weather conditions.

Desert Gold.
"Desert Gold"
- by GD Bruny.
An interactive multi-media digital book.
[Pictorial, textual and

70-pages in full colour.

This is the story of those who ventured forth into Australia's vast and remote desert wilderness in an endeavour to make their fortune. They who dared to defy the odds have long since grown to mythic proportions.


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